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When will we find out if our team is accepted?
We begin accepting teams once application has been submitted and payment is received. Once an age group is full, teams will be put on a waiting list.

Bracketing/Team Selection

How are brackets decided?
Teams are seeded based on their previous seasons records. The level of play you request on your application is looked at, but this is only a request and seeding will take priority. You must be as detailed as you can with your record and use the notes section to fill in any additional info that may help us. We will seed teams based on your record (if available), so you may not end up in the level you requested. If an age group has too many teams apply, other things will be taken into consideration and the selection committee's decision is final.

When will brackets be posted?
We try to post brackets 3-4 weeks before the event. You will be given a brief window to check your bracket before they are made final. Once we start work on schedules, no bracket changes will be made.

When will the schedule be published?
We will aim to have the schedule posted by 2-3 weeks prior to the tournament.

Will games be played on Memorial Day itself?
No games will be played on Monday, allowing for valuable family time.


Are games played on Friday?
Local Teams (within 40 minutes of Kalamazoo) may play Friday night, unless special requests are made. ALL age groups will play in the usual Saturday/Sunday format. 

What are the playing division formats?
U9 & U10 play 7v7
U11 & U12 play 9v9
U13 & U14 play 11v11
U15 and above play 11v11 showcase style (no finals, no awards)


What is your Covid-19 Refund Policy?
TKO Premier SC and the KISS Tournament are committed to offering our teams and families the best event experience possible. COVID-19 has provided challenges for clubs and families, as well as tournaments, all across the country. To ensure our teams have the best experience, we will follow a new COVID-19 Refund Policy for the 2023-2024 year.

COVID-19 Refund Policy: Any event cancelled by state or local government guidelines due to COVID-19 prior to 21 days out from the event start date will be fully refunded.

Any event cancelled by state or local government guidelines due to COVID-19 21 days or less out from the event start date will be refunded at 90% of the entry fee.

Any event cancelled by state or local government guidelines due to COVID-19 once the event has kicked off, there will be no refunds issued.

In all other cases outside of COVID-19, the event refund policy found in the event rules will be in place.

Can my child play for more than one team in this tournament?
No, a player can only play on ONE team for the tournament.

If a goalkeeper has the ball in his/her hands, how is the 'six second rule' applied given the presence of the Build Out Line?
A goalkeeper may choose to play the ball from his or her hands before the opponent has retreated behind the Build-Out Line. In this case, the 'six second rule' is not applied, as the goalkeeper has willingly decided to quickly release the ball into play.

If a goalkeeper has the ball in his/her hands, and is clearly waiting for the opposing team to retreat behind the Build-Out Line, the six second period should be started ONLY once the opposing team has retreated behind the Build-Out Line. This allows for the goalkeeper's team to have the time and space to play out of the back without immediate pressure.

What are the 7v7 rules?
Offside is called from the build out line to the end line.

We WILL utilize the build out line – When the goalkeeper has the ball, either during play or from a goal kick, the opposing team must move behind the Build-Out line. Once the opposing team is behind the Build-Out line, the goalkeeper can pass, throw, or roll the ball to a teammate. Punting the ball is NOT allowed. After the ball is put into play, the opposing team can then cross the build out line and play can resume as normal. Build-Out line will be marked mid-way between the top of the penalty box and the half way line.

Restarts/Free-kicks - All free-kicks outside of the penalty area will be indirect.
All restarts from inside the penalty area will conform to FIFA rules for penalty kicks, which will be marked 8 yards from the goal line.

On pass back to keeper, keeper may play ball at feet but NOT handle, as per FIFA rules.

We will utilize a one referee system for 7v7 games.


Do we have to utilize your hotel service to reserve rooms?
Yes you do, this is a stay to play tournament, our booking service is Traveling Teams and they do a great job of placing our teams. Kalamazoo is a small market with limit availability for hotels. Our hotel service provides and easy and efficient means to find rooms specifically held for our event. This maximizes the use of rooms in the area and keeps the hotels happy.


Will Online Registration be available?
All applications and paperwork will be submitted via GotSport. Full details will be sent out once tournament application submission ends on April 26th.

Do we need to have signed Heads Up Concussion & Medical Release forms for all players?
A representative from the team must have ALL Heads Up Concussion & Medical Release forms on hand during the tournament for ALL players participating. 

What do I do to add a guest player?
For players from outside of your club: We will need the guest player paperwork to be filled out at This is a state requirement. You will also need their current pass card.

For players from inside your club: They are considered "club pass-carded players" and you will need to complete the above process. See rules for more details.

Regardless of if the guest player is from in or out of club, you will also need a copy of the guest players official team roster, along with your own team roster.

Will we be able to register our team at the fields?
No. Registration must be completed online. Our staff will be busy keeping the tournament running smoothly and we will not be set up to take registrations.