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Brackets & Schedules

Tournament Brackets & Game Schedules

Brackets are locked and preliminary schedules are now live. Please follow the button below to view schedules. 

Schedule Information

We work very hard to release KISS schedules each year a couple of weeks prior to the tournament. Only the following schedule change requests are valid:

1. Coach conflict (coaches with 2 teams should not have conflicts, coaches with 3 teams we did our best, but conflicts may arise).

2. Major scheduling error (team with games at the same time or back to back).

There are only finals and awards for u15 and below.

Although we know life happens but we simply cannot honor requests for the following reason as there are just too many:

  • Personal reasons (graduation parties, weddings, birthday parties, etc).
  • Non-event specific coaching conflicts not related to this event (another team you are coaching is playing elsewhere).

All support tickets must be made before schedules become final. 

team raising tournament trophy