COVID-19 Event Policies

Event/Facility Responsibilities

  • Restroom facilities have been cleaned and disinfected, and will be periodically throughout each day of the event. 
  • Concession areas will be sanitized and disinfected periodically throughout each day of the event. 
  • Special technical areas may be painted on fields for team areas. Only team personnel and referees will be permitted in those areas.
  • Special Parent marking on the sidelines may be painted to remind parents of social distancing guidelines. Staggered start times may be used to reduce the amount of traffic entering and exiting the complex at one time.
  • All team registration paperwork collected electronically to eliminate the need for in person check in. 
  • Event staff will coordinate all events compliant with MSYSA and US Youth Soccer guidelines for Return to Play. 

Parent/Team Responsibilities 

  • If an individual, family or household has been exposed to a COVID positive person, do not attend. 
  • If you are waiting for the result of a COVID test, you may not attend.
  • Limited or no carpooling with other players. 
  • Parents Do not enter the game field space, please remain behind parent sideline markings. Practice social distancing on the sidelines. 
  • Team Warm-ups may only occur on the game's assigned field and CANNOT occur until the previous teams have left the field and equipment has been sanitized (where required). Do not warm up on unused fields or in open areas. Clean your area and promptly leave the fields so the next game can begin. We will build in 15 minutes between the completion of one game and the start of the next to allow for a brief warm-up and check-in. 
  • SPECTATORS MAY NOT SIT behind the goal box or on the coaches’/team half of the field.
  • NOTE: We will have awards, but no awards ceremonies. The awards are NOT allowed to be distributed at the complexes to reduce large gatherings. Once the game score is final, ONE representative from each team (Champion and Finalist) needs to go to the HQ tent to pick up awards. We will hand out 1 per team. 
  • Notify your member organization immediately if your child becomes ill for any reason.

Referee Responsibilities 

  • Bring and use hand sanitizer with you to every match. 
  • Bring your own referee gear to all games- whistle, flags, uniforms. 
  • Do not share your equipment or borrow anyone else’s equipment- Whistle, flags, water, snack or bag. 
  • Do not collect player passes from team personnel. Team coach can handle player passes if required for check in before each match. 

Volunteer Responsibilities

  • If using radios, make sure radios are sanitized after each use by event staff. 
  • Bring hand sanitizer with you to use throughout your shift. 
  • Practice social distancing.